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Another year is over but we are still searching for plants and planning next year. We are hoping to grow Salvia castanea (oh yes, another must have plant). Trying to see if Mimulus cardinalis will survive the Jersey winter.


  We hope to see you in the Spring of 2015!

We offer wildflowers for sale, native plants and others that we ourselves would like to purchase.

We are a small family run Wildflower Nursery that is dedicated to the safe removal of wildflowers from construction sites. We follow all city, county, state and federal guidelines. We only remove plants that are in immediate danger with the permission of the landowner.

No limp, straggly, weak, pale cheap plants here. They are Jersey tough, they say if you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere? Well,first of all we are pretty close to NYC just 30 minutes away, so that counts and while NYC has its hordes of rates, northern NJ has hordes of chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs and worst of all, so so many deer. And don't get me started on the darn winter, not the harshest mind you but cold enough. So if these plants can survive all of this, they will thrive in your garden.


4" POTS ALWAYS $5.00


(Excludes orchids and special purchase plants not in inventory)

If you see this graphic next to any plant this means these plants were rescued or grown from rescued stock.

Jersey Native, Jersey Grown, Jersey Attitude, Jersey Strong.........anyone got a problem with that?

Here is where you will find all of the stuff you may be asking about in regards to our wildflowers for sale, rescued wildflowers, the website, well you know, stuff.

Shipping - Don't let this beautiful website fool you. We run this out of our house, no staff, no supplies, no greenhouses, no shipping supplies, no packing fees. We do this all when we come home from our full time jobs.  All of our boxes, wraps, etc are re-cycled. Well we do have to pay for box tape. All of this to try and keep costs down and therefore your price on every wildflower or native plant for sale.

We use the US Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping costs vary by zip code and weight. We try to keep our plants on a strict diet to keep their weight down. But our plants are not wimpy, just big stemmed.

This paragraph sounds so serious so we apologize up front.

Due to stringent agricultural pesticide and quarantine requirements, we do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Florida,  Washington or out of the USA.

Shopping Carts - Yes you may have noticed, you cannot load a cart full of plants like other websites. Shopping carts cost additional money, and let's face it my wife may have something there when she says I am cheap. We used to run this website to pay for a book or two for our two kids who were in college when we started this. But Chelsea graduates this year so now what little profit we make goes to pay for the website, some more pots now and then if all goes well, potting soil to pot up more plants. And just maybe a little is left over to buy ourselves a new plant or two for the garden. Or gas money to go and rescue wildflowers and native plants.

Credit Cards - As much as we would like to we do not accept Credit Cards. Yep you guessed it more fees, and me being cheap. But let's face it, fees create expenses which is why things cost more. If we can get by without it we will as long as possible. But it does mean people have to dust off that thing called a check book to buy our plants. 

Plants - One cannot live on rescued wildflowers alone. We note rescued plants so you do not think we are angels saving all of these plants, believe me we are no angels, at least my wife isn't. We also grow others from seed. And now and then we save a little money to go out and find plants wholesale. While we are a Wildflower Nursery, we do have other plants, the natives like to mingle.

All plants have been designated free of pests and diseases by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture PO BOX 330, Trenton, New Jersey, 08625-0330, or as they note on the certificate, free from injurious plant pests.

This is one of the amazing plants that is a "WOW" plant for any garden. And one that is very, very hard to find. And when you do, it certainly is not $8.00.

The Blue Diamond Impatiens is a must have for any garden. Only recently discovered in a deep canyon in Tibet (yes that is true) it is as easy to grow as any normal impatiens but its BLUE!!! Plants on our back patio were nearly 4' across by 3' high and covered with flowers.

Our Little Devil, Jersey. Look below for Jersey Girl Plant of the Month Specials

Salvia glutinosa-

Jupiter's Distaff

Can handle the heat

Regular $5.00.

June/July -