Have plans that requires large quantities of plants for a larger area?
Or maybe you want to raise money for a good cause?
These flats make a great fundraiser.

We are just a small backyard nursery.

For those of you who have requested larger quantities of plants or plants we do not carry in the past and we had so say no.

We felt terrible about that.

Really no one wants to hear you can't have a lot of plants, well we have a different answer now.

Its Yes!!!!

click on link below be careful, its addictive!





Monarda Flat 32 plants

Prices are subject to change from the wholesaler and prices vary by plant and final address. But the nice thing is, just inquire on any of the hundreds of plants they have available. We will quickly determine a price that is only $10.00 a flat over wholesale prices, hey its New Jersey we take a cut, then provide total amount to you to think over. Then if you decide to purchase, these will be shipped directly to you. You will love it.

Yes, I know, now we are adding on those hidden fees and it sure is feeling like you are ordering Cable or an Airline Flight. But the savings are real, and you just have to ask and we will get you the price, if you don't like it and can find a better price elsewhere, we get it. But think about it these are good prices, unless you know a guy who knows a guy, you might be getting a better price, or maybe jail time.

But you are going to love the plants and if you need a lot of plants, you are going to love the price even more. No one wants to choose between that Butterfly Garden and putting your kids through College. I know we didn't! So take a look, click on the Blue Bird image above and if you see anything you like, drop us a line via the contact page below and we will get back to you with the total costs for your plants.

Fundraising, Butterfly Gardens, Oh My!

BUTTERFLY GARDEN - Instant butterfly garden, buy three flats. One Milkweed (32), one Coneflower. Have you seen the new Cheyenne Spirit variety!! (32), Phlox (32). No butterflies will be able to resist these flowers and the scale that these plants will cover..........................and at an incredible price that will not break the bank!

FUNDRAISING - Bluebird perennials have flats of plants in 2.5" containers (see photos above). Think of the possibilities for your fundraiser! There are also grasses in gallon containers and some of the plants are offered in generous quart size containers. Contact us for prices, for fundraisers we discount our fee by 50%.

Let us know what you are interested in by using the form below and we will provide you with the prices, you won't be disappointed.

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