ponds: enjoy the reflection of your garden                                                

Adding a pond to our garden was the first major garden project we completed when moving into our New Jersey location. It appeared the former occupants had an above ground pool many years ago in a flat area to the side of the yard. We actually found the buried liners and aluminum edging when excavating the hold for the pond.

One piece of advice, before you start, do your research on how to build a pond. Leveling, pre-liner construction, liners, filters, pumps, depth due to freezing, etc. Well we did none of this and got lucky. Our pond is going on 25 years old with no issues. We were lucky, do your research or expect a mess.

While this page is not about the construction of a pond it is about what a pond brings to the overall structure and appeal of your garden. A water feature opens up all new possibilities to your garden. Our simple garden was originally about 6' x 10' with a waterfall. We have since added two smaller ponds to the sides, one was intended for our yellow lab, Jersey. But the last few years, frogs have taken over this smaller, shallower pond as it is a favorite location to lay eggs.

The pond has had many visitors over the years, for 8 years we had three Mallard ducks that flew in for the Spring and Summer and left in the Fall. Occasionally Painted turtles will show up, spend a month or so and leave. Spring Peepers, Gray's Tree Frogs, Green Frogs and Wood Frogs call the pond home. These attract Eastern Garter Snakes and sometimes too many and they have to be relocated. Eastern Newts and several species of native Salamanders lay eggs in the pond as well. Toads seem to be more scarce. The entire pond area is surrounded and edged with a variety of plants. These allow several species of damselflies and dragonflies to lay eggs and the larva decimate any mosquito larva. None of our ponds have mosquitoes due to the abundance of these little predators. The sound of a waterfall, the availability of a water source is also beneficial to a number of bird species. Also create a location for them to take a bath.

This is our pond, it is home to numerous frogs and salamanders. Large amounts of Damselfly and Dragonfly nymphs. Occasionally we have ducks, a Great Heron comes to eat frogs and we even have Woodcocks show up and take baths in the upper waterfall.

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