We would venture to say that there is not a better butterfly plant than the native Purple Coneflower. And none are tougher than this native. While there have been many strains ranging in colors from White to orange red, we just cannot take our eyes off the original.

It produces flower after flower if you dead head until frost. If you leave the flower heads on you will be rewarded with dozens of Goldfinches in the fall who love the seeds.

They also seed easily but are not a pest. The assures you of more and more plants. As you can see, we love these plants and continue to find more locations in the garden for them. And the butterflies keep coming. If you want to attract butterflies, this is a must have plant.

Hardy Ginger, a wonderful native ground cover. Another plant we just cannot get enough of. We have planted this throughout the garden. And guess what, we have seen a large increase in salamanders, wood frogs, and toads. Just look how thick and lush this little guy looks in the woodland garden.

Much to our surprise, we had only one plant of this wonderful woodland wildflower in our garden. The Wild Geranium is a must have for any woodland garden. During a late rescue in a woodland area where they were extending a pipeline we were fortunate to see some of these little beauties and scooped them up, saving them from sure destruction. Now we have them planted throughout the garden this year and we are happy to see them thriving, and we still have a handful for sale.

We have a on again, off again love affair with this plant. Some years its is wonderful, others, not so much. I hate to say it, but while we love these guys, we kind of have a gray thumb when it comes to bleeding hearts. But you  cannot have everything, where the heck would you put it. But still a great plant that thrives in many gardens, and hopefully ours this year.

Up above I just gushed about how great Coneflowers are and how there are no other plants that can attract butterflies as well as they could. Well OK, this one might be a tie.

Incredible orange flowers, incredibly hardy, masses of flowers and nectar and a bonus that coneflowers cannot match. It is the food plant of the Monarch Butterfly. You want butterflies in your garden, simply plant this milkweed and coneflowers, and done.

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