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Wildflower Rescue - Spring Issue
May 10, 2010

Wildflower Rescue - Spring Issue

Welcome to the first issue of Wildflower Rescue. We formed our company in the last few days of Jan 2010 and over the remaining weeks of Winter, we worked on our website and all of the paperwork associated with starting a business. The website was frustrating at first but after reviewing the information that SBI provided several times, we "got it" and our site was up and running. And as Spring came around and the snow finally melted away, we cleaned up and expanded the growing area that we used for our own backyard projects.

Then it was out to the woods to see what we could find and rescue. After only a few weeks out in the field so to speak, we already have 2 sites under contract. Both are within larger cities yet they have a surprising large amount of native plant species with big colonies. And we have found hundreds of possible other sites across central and northern New Jersey. We hope to be rescuing plants the last week in April on the two sites pending. Some of the plants include:

Solomon's Seal


Spring Beauties

Violets (several species)

Trout Lilies

Rue Anemones

Wood Anemones

White Baneberry

Christmas Fern

Lady Fern





Wild Leeks

The Spring Ephemerals

OK, your asking what the heck is an ephemeral? Basically, its the plants in early Spring that bloom early and by the time summer has arrived, most if not the entire plant is no longer to be found. They consist of some amazing woodland plants that appear prior to the leaves on our local trees as they need to take advantage of the sun through leafless limbs in order to flower, set seed and reproduce.

The can often colonize large areas. If you are lucky enough to have a woodland garden, large colonies of Spring Beauties, Wild Leeks, Wood Anemones, Bloodroot, Trillium, Trout Lilies and May-Apples make a wonderful addition to the landscape. Spring Beauties look great in the lawn in early spring if you have and area that does not need to be mowed right away. All look great under Apple Trees, Cherry and Plum trees. Their blooms are just as appealing as the blooms on the trees.

Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers limited lifespan and need to flower and reproduce in an approximate 2 month period make them very susceptible to habitat loss and predators such as deer. There are more deer in New Jersey than any time in history due to the loss of predators and the restrictions on hunting. Their damage can be devastating to any garden but these wildflowers cannot recover from deer.

Our ability to rescue these plants is limited due to the same reason. We focus on these plants in late March through May as they may not be visible by June and therefore a victim of the bulldozer if not caught early. All of our first two rescues have some of these species ready for rescue. One property has hundreds of some of these plants in several amazing colonies.

Just because these plants have a limited visibility in the garden they should not be removed from your "wish list". They bring early spring color to any garden, are important food sources for bees as they emerge from the cold winter as well as a few early butterflies if weather is warm. Mix them with other plants and they will blend and disappear with Ferns, Wood Poppies, Lady Slippers, Wild Ginger, Columbine, Cohosh, White Baneberry, Bleeding Heart in a Woodland Garden.

What Happens to the Rescued Plants?

We propagate our rescued plants for resale. However, we give back 25% of all rescued plants to the owner. They may choose to use this plant material in their own landscaping, give away to friends, or to charity. If they cannot decide what to do with them and leave it to us, we do not keep the plants ourselves. We ensure that the 25% goes to local projects or charities.

Since we are a new company, all of our plants are currently growing and preparing themselves for sale. Once our plants are ready for resale, they will be listed on our website or we will sell them at Home and Garden shows within New Jersey. Stay tuned as we will be updating this information soon.

Be A Wildflower Rescue Partner

While we would love to keep all open space in the Northeast as it is, open. We understand that this is not possible. So prior to construction we rescue any possible plants from lots throughout New Jersey.

If you are a Realtor, Landowner, Developer or Retail outlet that promotes the rescue of Wildflowers through referrals or partnering with us or other organizations, we would be glad to enter your information on our website for FREE. Contact us through our email address at and we will reply to you in order to get specific information for the website page.

Help Rescue Wildflowers

We are constantly looking for lots that are soon to be under construction. But we can always use your help. If you have a lot or know of a lot, contact us at Enter your name and lot location and the best way to contact you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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