butterflies in the garden

A complete and hopefully growing list of butterflies that are found in our gardens. With many breeding in the garden or locally around the house. All of the images arefrom our very own gardens.

Eastern Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes), Our state butterfly here in New Jersey. A common visitor to our gardens, though a bit later in the year than the Tiger Swallowtail. And unlike the Tiger, lays eggs on Bronze Fennel that we grow in the gardens just for them. They will feed on various members of the carrot family and are attracted to the same nectar plants as the Tiger Swallowtail.

The female Black Swallowtail is pictured below. Both of the butterflies are some of the released butterflies we raise from the gardens each year. The caterpillars are fantastic but like all caterpillars can be ravenous, so if you are raising them ensure you have plenty of food on hand.