OUR BUTTERFLY PLANTS                                  

Our front butterfly gardens have been tested, planted and re-planted for over 25 years. They must stand up to daily hordes of New Jersey deer, a relentless foe of any garden. They are a combination of nectar plants and host plants for native butterfly species. The main gardens consist of the photo that is on all of our pages, this runs along half of the front lawn to the driveway. The other, is younger, only 5 years old at this point. It was previously dominated by a messy, large Japanese Maple that was so dense nothing grew under it. Removing it opened up the entire side of the driveway allowing a large amount of pollinator friendly plants to thrive, including the hard to find and grow Purple Milkweed that thrives here. Planted from seed it now numbers nearly 100 plants and growing!

All of the images and plants are from our yard. Some of the plants listed as Nectar sources may be host plants for moths or some butterfly species but best known as a nectar source. We hope this page offers you inspiration to copy it in your own yard or create your own design and choice of plants and ............"save a little our our wild side!"

 PURPLE CONEFLOWER:   Echinacea purpurea. 

A   native loved by bees and butterflies alike. Seeds are a favorite for Goldfinches in Fall. A must have for any Butterfly Garden.

             TIGER LILY:                Lilium tigrinum 

This is not a native, but a rescue from a construction site on Route 23 NJ that is now a Walmart. They number in the hundreds now in our front yard.

BLUE FALSE INDIGO:   Baptisia australis

Eastern Tailed Blues and Dusky Underwings all use this plant as a host plant to feed their caterpillars. Several large plants are in our front garden.

     SWAMP MILKWEED:    Asclepias incarnata

Monarch Host Plant

              IRIS SPECIES:               Iris species

Early flowering

          BLAZING STARS:               Liatris spicata. 

Easy to grow native

                     MONARDA:                                        Monarda didyma                "Jacob Cline"

     Hummingbird magnet      

    HOLLOW JOE PYE WEED:            Eutrochium fistulosum

A swallowtail favorite, a large perennial

   PURPLE MILKWEED:       Asclepias purpurea.

Monarch Host Plant

               HELIANTHUS:                  Helianthus species

Yellow favorite for small bees

 COMMON MILKWEED:    Asclepias syriaca

Monarch Host Plant

BLUE MIST FLOWER:  Conoclinium coelestinum

Late flowering pollinator favorite

              BUTTERFLYWEED:               Asclepia tuberosa

Monarch Host Plant

         BLUE FLAG IRIS:            Iris versicolor

Early flowering for bees

   SWEET   CONEFLOWER:       Rudbeckia subtomentosa

Huge amount of yellow flowers

          BUTTERFLYBUSH:            Buddleia davidii

Blooms all Spring and Summer long into Fall

         KOREAN MINT:          Agastache rugosa

Attracts a lot of bees and butterflies

      WILD BERGAMOT:        Monarda fistulosa

Bee and Hummingbird magnet

         GARDEN PHLOX:            Phlox paniculata

Favorite of our EBS and Hummingbird Moths

             SPICEBUSH:             Lindera benzoin

   Spicebush Swallowtail Host Plant

WOODLAND SUNFLOWER:    Helianthus divaricatus

Large clump growing perennial sunflower

The above plants are the base plants in our front butterfly gardens. However they contain others: Cranesbill Geraniums, Violets, Mountain Mint, Sedum, Great Lobelia, Siberian Iris, Asters, Winterberry.