So now it is time to work in the yard. If you are looking for vegetable and herb gardening advice and projects I am afraid we have nothing for you, our yard is pretty much all woodlands and we battle deer all year long. Tough enough to keep all of our plants healthy, a vegetable garden is out of the question.

But if you are looking to add native plants, or build gardens to attract all manner of creatures to your yard, we can help with that.

Butterfly Garden

By far our favorite garden. We have added butterfly gardens throughout the yard. Interested in adding your own? Click on the photo to the right.

Hummingbird Garden

The west is blessed with so many species of Hummingbirds it really does not seem fair, but we have the Ruby Throated, click on photo to right.

Woodland Garden

Most of our just under an acre is under the trees thus a woodland garden. To have your own, click on the photo to the right

Shade Garden

Have a very shady area of the yard? Don't give up, click on the photo to the right to create your own shade garden.

Gardens for Wildlife

Want to create an oasis for wildlife in your area and those just passing by, click on the photo to the right.

Bog Garden

Never thought of having a Bog Garden? You don't know what you are missing. Click on photo to the right.